MCF de civilisation britannique (Associate Professor, British Studies)
MCF de civilisation britannique (Associate Professor, British Studies) MCF de civilisation britannique (Associate Professor, British Studies)

M. Timothy Gibbs

Enseignant-chercheur / Enseignante-chercheuse


MCF de civilisation britannique (Associate Professor, British Studies -- specialising in Commonwealth History)


Bureau 225 Bâtiment Maier
Département d'études anglophones

Disciplines enseignées

  • Introduction to British Studies - L1 Etudes anglophones
  • Eighteenth Century Britain - L2 Etudes anglophones
  • Nineteenth Century Britain - L3 Etudes anglophones
  • Decrypter L'Image  - L1 Etudes anglophones
PhD students
  • From Sep 2021: Fergus Richardson-Soar, ‘Zamrock: music, politics, and revolution in southern Africa’, second supervisor (with Prof. Joanna Lewis, LSE)
  • From Sep 2022: Pritam Singh, ‘Caste and Racism in the Indian Ocean Arena: Natal Indian Congress and the Anti-Apartheid Struggle in South Africa c. 1948-1990’, second supervisor (with Prof. Joanna Lewis, LSE)
  • From 2024 Ludovic Nguema, 'Un long chemin vers la liberté : les Noirs d’Afrique du Sud et la Guerre anglo-boer de 1899 à 1902' second supervisor (with Prof. Myriam-Isabelle-Ducroq, Nanterre)

Thèmes de recherche

Tim Gibbs is a historian of Southern Africa. Tim's first book, Mandela's Kinsmen: nationalist elites and apartheid's first Bantustan (James Currey/Jacana, 2014), looked at ethnic identities and elite nationalism in an era of mass insurrection and insurgency in southern Africa. He is currently co-editing a special issue for the South African Historical Journal on the subject of Black Lawyers in Southern Africa.

Tim's postdoctoral research into transport, migration, and mobility was funded by the South African National Research Foundation. He hopes (one day soonish...) to complete a book manuscript on The Right to the City: from late apartheid to Jacob Zuma.

He has just finished the research phase of project on taxation, infrastructures and state formation funded by a BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grant, and recently co-edited a special issue on “Revenues, Redistribution & Rule: the new politics of accumulation and distribution in rural South Africa’ in Transformation: Critical perspectives on Southern Africa.

He is a member of the Centres d’Etudes Anglophones (CREA), an associate researcher at L’Institut des mondes africains (IMAF), and sits on the editorial board of Politique Africaine.

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