MME Marielle Debos

Enseignant-chercheur / Enseignante-chercheuse


MCF / Associate Professor in Political Science, Junior Member of the Institut Universitaire de France (IUF)
Université Paris Nanterre Bâtiment Weber 200 avenue de la République 92001 Nanterre
Site personnel
UFR de Droit et Science Politique (DSP)
UMR 7220 - Institut des Sciences sociales du Politique (ISP)

Disciplines enseignées

- Relations internationales (L1, CMC)
- Science, Expertise, and Power: Postcolonial Perspectives (Master 2)

Thèmes de recherche

Marielle Debos’ research interests include armed conflicts and violence. Her research based on ethnographic fieldwork in Chad shows how men in arms make their living in the twilight between war and peace and explains why armed violence is such an integral part of our global political economy. She pays particular attention to the routine forms of violence that mark the “inter-war”, the times and spaces in which war seems to be suspended. She continues to conduct research in Chad with a new project on the impunity of the “big men” and the (de)politicization of sexual violence.

Her most recent research (supported by the Institut Universitaire de France) explores the historical and social construction of the electoral biometrics market in Africa. She wants to understand how biometric identification technologies have emerged as a self-evident solution for elections on the continent. By using empirically-rooted research, the project aims to contribute to the understanding of the spread of a new technology which, on the African continent as in other parts of the world, may radically modify our conceptions and practices of identity and citizenship.

Curriculum Vitae

Selected publications :

"Que faire des interventions militaires dans le champ académique ? Réflexions sur la nécessaire distinction entre expertise et savoir scientifique", 20 &21 Revue d’histoire, 2019, with Thibaut Boncourt, Mathias Delori, Benoît Pélopidas, Christophe Wasinski.

"La biométrie électorale au Tchad : Controverses technopolitiques et imaginaires de la modernité", Politique africaine, n° 151, 2018, pp. 101-120.

Déby’s Chad: Political Manipulation at Home, Military Intervention Abroad, Challenging Times Ahead, Peaceworks n°136, United States Institute of Peace (USIP), 2017, with Jérôme Tubiana.

“L’autre pays des ‘guerres sans fin’ : Une histoire de la France militaire au Tchad (1960-2016)”, Les Temps Modernes, n°693-694, 2017, pp. 222-266, with Nathaniel Powell.

Living by the gun in Chad: Combatants, impunity and state formation, Londres, Zed Books, 2016.

Le métier des armes au Tchad: Le gouvernement de l’entre-guerres, Paris, Karthala, 2013.

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