2 - Programme

International Law Language and Literature Colloquium

University Université Paris Nanterre,

Friday and Saturday 17 and 18 June, 2011

Friday 17 June

Building B 'Salle des thèses'

9h30:  Reception and Introductory Remarks

I. Semantics and Interpretation (10h00-12h00)

President:  Dr Ross Charnock 

10h00-10h30: Dr. Anne-Marie O'Connell (University of Toulouse 1), Is legal interpretation a linguistic fallacy?

10h30-11h00: Dr. Maureen Klos (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa) and Tamara Klos (Practising attorney), Semantic interpretation of the term consumer' in the context of South African rental housing legislation

11h00-11h30: Colin Robertson (Legal-linguistic Reviser, EU), The problem of meaning in multilingual EU legal texts

11h30-12h00: Victor Ferry (F.R.S-FNRS, Belgium), Perelman's Dissociation of Notions as a Tool for Interpretation

< Lunch 12h00-14h00 >

II. Meaning and Argumentation (14h00-16h00)

President:  Dr Armelle Sabatier 

14h00-14h30: Dr. H. José Plug (Department of Speech, Communication and Rhetoric, University of Amsterdam), Obscurities in the Formulation of Legal Argumentation

14h30-15h00: Dr. Anne Richardson Oakes (School of Law, Birmingham City University), Precision or Meaningless Jargon? Schools and Race in the Language of the Law

15h00-15h30: Pei Lee Yeoh (School of Social Sciences, UCSI University, Malaysia), The Ideological Metaphorization of Precedents in Sedition Law

15h30-16h00: Dr. Ross Charnock (University Paris Dauphine), Complexity and Demystification: Alternative Justifications in the English Law of Obligations

< Break  16h00-16h30 >

III. Argumentation Theory (16h30-18h00)

President:  Professor Sebastian McEvoy 

16h30-17h00: Ryan Max Riley (University of Oxford), Blaise Pascal and the Mutual Decline of Casuistry and Equity

17h00-17h30: Dr Eveline Feteris (Department of Speech, Communication and Rhetoric, University of Amsterdam), Strategic Maneuvering with Linguistic Arguments in Legal Argumentation

17h30-18h00: Dr. Leif Dahlberg (School of Computer Science and Communication, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm), The uses and effects of video technology on legal argumentation in the Swedish court of appeal

< Cocktail >

Saturday 18 June

Building B 'Salle des conférences'

IV. Language, Identity and Style (10h00-12h00)

President:  Dr Ross Charnock 

10h00-10h30: Dr. Armelle Sabatier (University Panthéon-Assas/Paris 2), 'A tongue that Barbarism itselfe doth use' (Thomas Hughes, Certain Devises and Shewes, 1587): Barbaric and Hybridised Linguistic Forms in 16th and 17th Century Common Law.

10h30-11h00: Dr. Martin Solly (University of Florence), BabyBarista: Barrister related Narrative and the Analysis of Law

11h00-11h30: Dr. Giulia Adriana Pennisi (University of Palermo), Intertextual/Interdiscursive Construction of European Identity

11h30-12h00: Professor Maurizio Gotti (University of Bergamo), The Litigational Colonisation' of ADR Discourse

< Lunch 12h00-14h00 >

V. Legal Personality and Gender (14h00-15h30)

President:  Professor Christian Biet 

14h00-14h30: Professor Daniela Carpi (University of Verona), A Bio-juridical Reading of Dracula 

14h30-15h00: Dr. Chiara Battisti and Dr. Sidia Fiorato (Universiy of Verona), The Question of Women's Legal Identity in the Context of Gothic Effacement

15h00-15h30: Dr. Erika Rackley (Law School, Durham University), Judgment Writing as Critical Scholarship: Reflections on the Feminist Judgments Project

< Break 15h30-16h00 >

VI. Literature in Law (16h00-18h00)

President:  Professor Sebastian McEvoy 

16h00-16h30: Dr. Cristina Costantini (Faculty of Law, University of Bergamo), The Ontological Excess of Law. Politics, Literature and Jurisdiction: a Controversial Relationship

16h30-17h00:Dr. Marion Charret-Del Bove (University Paris Nord/Paris 13), Literary References and U.S. Supreme Court Cases on Freedom of Speech

17h00-17h30: Dr. Géraldine Gadbin-George (University Panthéon-Assas/Paris 2), Literary References in UK Common Law Judgments

17h30-18h00: Dr. Julia Shaw (School of Law, De Montfort University), Law, Narrative and Literary License, an Anatomy of the Legal Imagination

< Dinner >

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